Cooprogetti / Area: Urban planning
Urban planning

Cerrik General Local Plan

The Cerrik Municipality General Local Plan initiates a land policy that stops its expansion into rural areas and chooses to grow for regeneration, increasing the presence of natural and biological spaces, focusing on the idea of a territorial development based on:

  • the reclamation and reuse of abandoned industrial areas;
  • the redevelopment of the central areas of the inhabited centers;
  • the development of mountain tourism activities based on the exploitation and networking of natural resources through the reuse of rural artefacts for agritourism purposes.
Sector: Urban planning.
Description: General Local Plan.
Location: Cerrik (Elbasan) AL
Client: Municiplaity of Cerrik
Year: 2016
Services: Analysis, Strategic Plan 2030, Operational Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, Action Plan.