Cooprogetti / Area: Architecture

New elderly center in Bressanone

The new residential center must relate to a widespread residential context characterized by buildings with limited heights. Not far from the intervention area stands the hospital complex, further west the highway axis and the one railway.

The developed proposal is structured as a “neighborhood” organized around a system of two-storey low-rise buildings that create internal courtyards. It places along the reference road axis (Alte Strasse) the square overlooking the Day Center, conceived as a structure that gathers a series of reference services also for the existing neighborhood. This configuration contributes to establishing very close relations between the two realities, making this new space the fulcrum of living and participating in local life.

Sector: Health care building.
Description: New elderly center.
Location: Bressanone (BZ) Italy
Client: Municipal adm. of Bressanone (BZ) Italy
Year: 2019 - in progress
Project value: 37.11.000 euro
Services: Preliminary design.