Cooprogetti / Area: Mep

Photovoltaic plant on the headquarter roof

This installation contributes to the European strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as renewable energy sources do not generate polluting emissions onto the environment. Analyzing the production of the equipment, it can be seen that the energy payback of the above-mentioned equipment does not exceed 3 years, so it is much less than the lifetime of the plant as a whole. The system does not produce any noise, olfactory pollutants and any other kind of emissions.

The placement of the plant does not influence in any way the normal use of the building, taking up only normally unused cover and a small portion of the area covered by the shelter, in order to minimize its invasiveness.

Sector: Renewable energies.
Description: 8400 photovoltaic panels for a total rated power of 2MW.
Location: Pordenone (PN) Italy
Client: Interporto Centro Ingrosso Pordenone Spa
Year: 2010
Project value: 6.600.000 euro
Services: Main and final design.