Cooprogetti / Area: Architecture

Pordenone’s new hospital

The project fits into an urbanized historical context and becomes a opportunity to make the hospital part of the city. The new volume’s hospitals need to talk to the pre-existing urban web, creating an extremely functional but human-sized space. The main front of the New Hospital is therefore developed along the urban axis, with a low building and it’s arranged on two levels and with a cover, redefining the relationship between the city and the hospital. Behind the body low, situated in front of the street, there are four compact volumes that organize the main health functions in the first two levels, while from the third level develop the room. It is, studied to ensure privacy through the articulation of the facade. The height of the building provides to have a privileged view of the city.

Sector: Health care building.
Description: Pordenone’s new hospital.
Location: Pordenone (PN) Italy
Client: Health Services Agency n.5 "Western Friuli" Pordenone
Year: 2014 - in progress
Project value: 150.000.000 euro
Services: Preliminary, main design, safety in working site and work supervision.