Cooprogetti / Area: Infrastructures

New car park with football field on the roof

The project want to restoring functionality to a sports facility and – at the same time – to create new car seats at the service of the religious center and for public use. On the grounds currently occupied by the football field, the project planned to realize an underground parking lot, above which the new soccer field will be completed.

The plant size is about 107.00 x 59.60 m and it will be made of concrete, some realized in site and some precstedt. The soccer field on the cover of the car park is made of synthetic grass, placed on a substrate of inert material of adequate grain size, in which a drainage system for rainwater and an irrigation system.

Sector: School and sport.
Description: New car park with football field on the roof.
Location: Pordenone (PN) Italy
Client: Polese Spa
Year: 2010 - 2013
Project value: 2.600.000 euro
Services: Preliminary, main and final design, safety in working site and work supervision.