Cooprogetti / Area: Infrastructures

A28 Highway from Pordenone to Conegliano (TV)

The Lotto n° 29 starts at the progressive Km 44 + 585.63 and ends – after a total development of 3.717,00 m – to the progressive Km 48 + 303.33. Continuing, the roads open to form a wide loop with a differentiated interconnection system with the A27 (called Conegliano node) and access to the Conegliano barrier (called the Conegliano-S.Vendemiano junction).

The system is able to guarantee a wide margin of safety and fluidity between the different directions of interchange. The node, designed with geometric characteristics to allow a speed of 60 km / h (range 50-70 km / h). The opposite branches of the node develop about half their overall length, viaduct, to guarantee – despite the complexity of the global node geometry – a remarkable transparency of the node.

Sector: Rails, roads and bridges.
Description: A28 highway Pordenone-Conegliano 29th lot from (km 44+583,63 to km 49+489,29).
Location: Conegliano (TV) Italy
Client: C.M.B. scrl (main client Autovie Spa)
Year: 2008 - 2010
Project value: 44.800.000 euro
Services: Detailed design.