Cooprogetti / Area: Architecture

New home for mortuary services (Morgue)

The construction of the morgue is a project supplementary to the development of the new hospital complex in Pordenone. Located to the south of the complex, it pays special attention to the surrounding urban structure, accesses and traffic.

A fundamental factor in the approach to this space is concerned with welfare and privacy for relatives of the deceased and for the citizens living nearby. For this reason an underground building is projected with a large green roof, clothed with shrubs, which conceals the activities of the morgue. The green space will therefore become the only facade visible from the exterior

Sector: Health care building
Description: New home for mortuary services (Morgue)
Location: Pordenone - Italy
Client: Health Care Company n.5 “Western Friuli” Pordenone - Italy
Year: 2015-2017
Project value: 1.155.000 euro
Services: Preliminary, main design, safety in working site and work supervision