Cooprogetti / Area: Architecture

Restoration of the Municipal Building in Monfalcone

The project proposal was developed considering as fundamental the safeguarding of the current spatial configuration and the characters of formal recognizability that have characterized the various interventions on the building over time.

The project takes into consideration the structural consolidation of the building, to then provide an organic reorganization of the paths and spaces, recovering the position of the original twentieth-century plant.

The ground floor of the building is reserved for functions serving the citizen; the first floor hosts the functions of representation and, finally, the second floor is reserved for offices with less relation to the public.

Sector: Building restoration.
Description: Restoration of the Municipal Building in Monfalcone.
Location: Monfalcone (GO) Italy
Client: Municipal adm. of Monfacone (GO) Italy
Year: 2014-2018
Project value: 6.300.253 euro
Services: Preliminary, main and final design, safety in working site and work supervision.