Cooprogetti / Area: Architecture

Restoration of the “Ex Hotel of employed” in Monfalcone

The design’s purpose is the conservation “in the perspective of an internal transformation“, which allows its functional use like a School for Innovation, a Training and Research and an attached hotel. The bulding’s renovation is aimed at conservation and revaluation of the high cultural value of the property, with some interventions aimed to develop some elements valuable.

Structural interventions are planned in the perspective of a physical and functional adaptation to the new normative standards,while maintaining as much as possible construction and originally materials of the building.
To meet the complex requirements of the building,subdivided into various functional areas, plants have been built according to the new regulations in this area.

Sector: Building restoration.
Description: Restoration of a historic building to use as a hotel and hotel management school.
Location: Monfalcone (GO) Italy
Client: Municipal adm. of Monfacone (GO) Italy
Year: 2005-2009
Project value: 11.500.000 euro
Services: Preliminary, main and final design, safety in working site and work supervision.