Cooprogetti / Area: Infrastructures

Restoration of the road-link between Pietratagliata and road SS13

The aim of the project is to restore the road’s connection between Pietratagliata (Pontebba – Ud) and S.S. 13 strongly affected by the catastrophic events of August 2003, which affected the Fella high valley. The connection is realized by a a steel stranded bridge of about 66.00 m, resting on the shoulders and internally supported by 4 differently tilted stride.

The deck is made of a mixed steel – concrete system. The tower consists of two distinct 24m high symmetrical antennas respect to the axis of the bridge. It is stiffened at the top by profiles connecting them. In addition to these elements there is the foundation block of retention of the strand located near the mountain on Pietratagliata side.

Sector: Rails, roads and bridges.
Description: New connection with bridges end consolidation’s work of slopes between pietratagliata and state road n°13.
Location: Pontebba (UD) Italy
Client: Friuli V.G. region, civil protection sector - Palmanova (UD)
Year: 2003 - 2010
Project value: 18.000.000 euro
Services: Preliminary, main and final design, safety in working site and work supervision.